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Be Healthy. Be Free.

It's time to say goodbye to the pseudo-scientific, industrial medical model - treating symptoms with toxic pharmaceuticals and invasive medical procedures - and instead learn to take our health into our own hands. Each of us has the ability to self-heal using the incredible regenerative processes that our bodies naturally possess, provided that we are willing to take radical personal responsibility. With accurate information, the right tools, and a deep sense of trust in our bodies innate wisdom, we can discover and access the right solutions for any health challenge we face. This is our birth right.

Our mission is to provide you with a holistic picture of the simple steps you can take toward living your best life, today. At Resonant Life you will find a comprehensive collection of products and informational resources intentionally curated to help you improve your everyday lifestyle. Each item has been developed with integrity by experts from a variety of specializations, including human biology, energy healing, air and water purification, sovereignty, and nutrition. Our focus is on empowering you to become your own expert.

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My name is Alicia Obnamia

I am the founder of Resonant Life, and I am here to help guide you on your path to holistic, sovereign health. 

I have a M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The Ohio State University; I studied Psychology, Philosophy, and Spanish in my undergrad; I spent 7 years as Data and Project Manager in a Developmental Psychology Research Lab; and I interned at the nation’s largest children’s hospital and pediatric research institute. 

My credentials are steeped in traditional academia and allopathy, and while this no longer represents my views on health and wellness, they nevertheless warrant sharing because they tell a story about where I have been. I have seen first hand how corrupt our major academic, medical, and research institutions are, and the ease with which their dogmatic approaches continue to pass for quality care, ingenuity, or modern day miracles astounds me. 

I never was a true poster child for these factions of the mainstream paradigm, but it wasn’t until I left them entirely that I began to see just how distorted they really are. Follow the money, as they say, and you will quickly discover a web of conflicts of interest and bought-and-paid for ‘science’ that conveniently shows the exact results required by industry in order to increase their bottom line. Meanwhile, real people are coerced into abdicating personal agency in the name of being 'saved by the experts’, and unknowingly climb into the belly of the beast. Their reward is to be slashed, poisoned, and hung out to dry, as they leave worse off than when they arrived.

What I learned from this knowledge and experience was that if I truly wanted to make a difference, to help people heal, I would have to leave these systems behind and work to create a better way. As I began to broaden my areas of study and focus, I discovered a new paradigm of health beginning to form among some of the greatest thought-leaders of our time. What amazed me was that it wasn’t actually new; it is an ancient wisdom, known by millions before us, and written in our collective cellular memories.

Once I opened my mind to this level of reality, it was easy to see how the patterns of nature divinely author our ability to access complete health, freedom, and joy, and I wanted to do my part to help shift our consciousness toward this remembering. I studied the history of biology through the lens of the terrain and cracked open the gaping flaws of germ theory. I explored energy medicine and practiced healing my electric and etheric bodies using frequency, vibration, and sound. I discovered the power of Germanic Healing Knowledge and began the journey to understand my psyche-brain-organ connection. All this and more has led me to see the truth of our incredible capacity to create our own outcomes, both in health and in life.

So after more than three years of full-time, independent research outside the system, the greatest lesson I have learned is that we are already designed with a propensity toward health and well-being - we just need to be reminded of our power. To that end, I created Resonant Life as my contribution to this movement. My vision is to bring together the highest quality information and tools that I have come across, so that you too can benefit from the sense of liberation that comes with taking your health into your own hands.

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