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Bring the healing effects of a hot spring into your home with the Relax Far Infrared Sauna 

Exposure to toxicity in our environment is one of the leading contributors to illness and disease. No matter how much we focus on reducing toxicity in our lives, the fact is that we live in a world saturated with pesticides, heavy metals, and harmful EMFs. But this does not mean we give up!

Our bodies are incredibly powerful, intelligent, and resilient - our cells are constantly detoxifying and regenerating their way toward a state of health. Our job is to support and encourage this natural process, not to suppress it. One of the most effective ways you can support your body's natural healing processes is to facilitate sweating.

Decades of research have demonstrated clear therapeutic benefits of far infrared energy, including increased circulation, decreased inflammation, pain relief, stress relief, enhanced detoxification, weight loss, and protection from EMF exposure. The Relax Far Infrared Saunas are used by medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, and holistic health practitioners alike because of their documented effectiveness in helping with a variety of conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, lyme, autism, crohns, insomnia, lupus, heart problems, and even cancer.


"Give me the power to create sweat or fever and I will cure all disease." - Hippocrates

Relax Portable Far Infrared Sauna



The Relax Sauna is a personal, compact, and portable sauna tent using a patented, award winning technology to achieve superior results at a fraction of the cost compared to other infrared saunas on the market. By using a ceramic semiconductor, the Relax Sauna allows a higher percentage of healing Far Infrared rays (95%+) to penetrate the body without the risk of exposure to harmful Near Infrared rays. It's evenly spread energy waves, similar to those generated during Chi gung, are easily absorbed by the body and travel deep into the molecules and cells. This raises the bodies core temperature by more than 3 degrees, expands blood vessels, and organizes water molecules to improve circulation, metabolism, and detoxification. Where it may be lacking in aesthetic appeal, it more than makes up for in distinguished quality and a 25 year track record of positive therapeutic outcomes.

The Black Relax Sauna is more attractive than the Silver Sauna, and because it is made out of a thicker nylon, the silver inside the tent reflects a little bit better. You can accomplish in 17 minutes what would take 20 minutes in the Silver Sauna, making the Black Sauna about 5% stronger. If money is not an issue, this could be a superior option, but the Silver Sauna is still far more effective and powerful than other saunas on the market. For example, the Relax Sauna generates about 9 times more Far Infrared energy between 4-14 microns than any other portable sauna, and roughly 4-5 times more than any quality infrared wooden sauna. This makes the 5% increase in the Black Sauna quite minimal, but may still be worth it to you, in the same way that fine art can make a difference in vitality and atmosphere.



Lie Down Sauna


The Lie Down Sauna uses the exact same technology as the Relax Sit Up Sauna, generating 800 watts of more than 95% pure Far Infrared healing energy and opening pores in the skin to facilitate sweating and the elimination of toxins from the body. This is a popular design with Massage Therapists, who may have clients use the sauna for 5-10 minutes before their massage in order to relax the muscles and tissue for optimal benefits. This design keeps the tent from touching your skin, which maintains a clean detoxification environment, and it is easy to clean between uses. 


Relax Sky Eye Medical Lamp

The Sky Eye far infrared medical lamp is a patented medical device registered with the FDA. It uses the same generators as the Relax Sauna, and has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. It has been successfully used to speed the healing of diabetic ulcers, and is used by professional athletes to speed up recovery from injury and wounds. This lamp is easy and convenient to use, with a 360 degree rotational head and adjustable stand to accommodate any angle, height, or intensity required, and can reach any part of the body necessary. It helps with muscle aches and pains, improves metabolism, and aids in blood circulation.



Far Infrared Table Lamp



The table lamp uses the same generators and creates the same wavelength of far infrared as the Relax Sauna, but is light, portable, and can be used for direct focused concentration or targeted treatments. This lamp is beneficial for sore muscles, headaches, eye-strain, nasal congestion, ear aches, tooth pain, sore throat, asthma difficulties, indigestion and stomach aches, menstrual cramps, neck, shoulder, knee, and back pain, as well as for wounds, burns, cuts, scrapes, and scar recovery.  


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