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Check out our line of intentionally selected,
premium health and wellness products and services.

Each of our products and services have been developed by leading experts in the fields of health and wellness who are committed to operating from a place of integrity and with the conscious intention to heal both people and the planet. We have curated this line of products and services with the intention to empower consumers like you to take your health into your own hands. 


Exclusive, patented Bio-Tech Wellness products developed using the most up-to-date research on subtle, non-invasive electrical frequencies to optimize performance, recovery, and protection from electro-smog, 5G, microwaves, WiFi, electric cars, high voltage wires, smart meters, etc. Decades of research has shown that these high-tech dangers can lead to Electropathic Stress Syndrome, which includes symptoms such as headaches, impaired immune system, sleep issues, DNA damage, cardiovascular stress, vision issues, memory loss, and more.

Relax Far Infrared Sauna technology raises your internal body temperature by 3 degrees in 25 minutes, encouraging a deep cellular detoxification and heavy sweat. This increase in core temperature mobilizes the lymphatic and immune systems, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, and helps your cells mitochondria create ATP and nitric oxide, thereby improving circulation and promoting detoxification of heavy metals, glyphosates, plastics, and metabolic waste. Far infrared saunas help to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, chronic pain, neuropathy, stress, and anxiety, while improving sleep, relaxation, grounding, vitality, mental clarity, and joy. 

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The Triad Aer air purifier uses advanced technologies to scrub the air and surfaces in your home or office of air-borne chemicals, gasses, mold, mildew, odors, pet dander, allergens, and other unwanted particles and pollutants. In simple terms, the machine generates a continuous stream of negative ions that circulate throughout the home, attaching to particulates and weighing them down so that they are more easily absorbed into the HVAC system or fall to the floor. Unlike HEPA filters, which can only filter particles of .5 microns or larger, the ionizer in Triad Aer can reduce ultra-fine nanoparticles, which can be much more dangerous. This machine reaches up to 3,000 square feet, does not require filter replacements, and has a scalable purification setting for optimum performance and comfort.

Dr. Kelly Brogan believes that one of the best ways to achieve optimal mental health is by supporting optimal physical health through proper diet, lifestyle, and mindfulness. This 44-day program is the same protocol that she used one-on-one in her Manhattan-based clinical practice for over a decade. This program is designed to offer participants the tools they need to:

  1. Take ownership of their health and wellbeing

  2. Restore the interconnected systems of their body

  3. Prepare for medication tapers, and

  4. Balance their mood and energy

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Beautifully simple and powerfully nutritious organic vegetable powders, pantry products, and pastured meat boxes. Dr. Cowan's Garden offers a simple solution to increasing vegetable diversity in your diet, thereby increasing your vitamins and minerals, which is important for optimal health. From sea vegetables, medicinal mushrooms, and perennial greens to powerhouse vegetables like the beet, ashitaba, and chaga mushrooms, these are consciously grown and harvested for maximum nutrients and minimum impact on the earth. Making healthy eating easier and more delicious!

One of the most comprehensive places to purchase 100% organic essential oils, herbal supplements, herbs and spices, and DIY ingredients to make your own tinctures, salves, teas, and other herbal blends and home remedies. Mountain Rose Herbs is committed to organic agriculture in order to promote healthy soils, healthy water, and healthy people. Each product they review, source, and harvest is imbued with conscious intention to support the health and well-bring of people, plants, and the planet. 

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