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Protect from harmful EMF and
promote optimal performance and recovery!

Technological advances may enhance connectivity and convenience, but at what cost?


Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) generated by cell phones, WiFi, 5G, Bluetooth, smart meters, and other common electronic devices can disrupt your body's natural regenerative processes, leading to fatigue, poor sleep quality, brain fog, and even chronic diseased states resulting from serious damage to your cellular structure. 


But what if we could continue to enjoy the benefits of these technologies

without suffering the damage they can cause to our health and well-being?


Centropix provides cutting edge wellness transformation systems and biotechnology devices that protect you and your loved ones from harmful EMF while also stimulating molecular activation within the body to support healing and a balanced biofield. 

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” — Nikola Tesla

The Bubble



The Bubble is a wearable device that protects you from the harmful effects of electro-smog wherever you go. Using two tiny Tesla coils inside, this device generates the Schumann Resonance geomagnetic harmonization frequency of 7.83Hz to create a protective bubble up to 6ft around your body. This frequency, the same as that emitted by the Earth, has been scientifically shown to improve mood, sleep quality, digestion, concentration, and focus, as well as to reduce stress and even to promote chakra alignment. The bubble creates an environment of harmony within and around your body, strengthening your biofield by filling in gaps and balancing your aura. Your cells will thank you!

The Cocoon

The world's first home frequency converter - the Cocoon creates an 81' shield of e-smog protection around your home, protecting you and your family from the harmful effects of 5G, Bluetooth, WiFi, smart meters, and any source of dirty electricity that may be nearby. This includes 3 targeted frequency cards that have been holographically imprinted to carry specific signals for specific purposes:

  1. E-smog - cancels dirty energy frequencies

  2. Sleep well - increases melatonin production and delta waves; restorative and regenerative

  3. Hawaii harmony - brings Hawaii's natural vortex energy directly to your home

The Cocoon not only extends the life of your food, but it also de-clusters the molecules of your water to return it to it's natural helical structure. Further, it recharges the bodies' cells and amplifies your natural resiliency.



The Kloud Mats
Maxi and Mini


Maxi - $2,990
Mini - $2,390
Set - $4,990

The Kloud mats are the first wireless PEMA therapy devices on the market. These Tesla powered frequency treatment mats each contain 8 coils generating up to 20,000 amplitudes per second. The patented superposition of signals creates a stereo effect, thereby reaching a wider range of molecular activation in the body than any previous PEMF technology. Experience enhanced physical and mental performance, faster and deeper relaxation and sleep, better stress management, more efficient regeneration, an enhanced lust for life, overall improved quality of life, and many more life-changing health benefits. The Kloud mats each come with 5 intensity levels and 5 optimized programs: 

  1. Relax - put your molecules in a relaxed state, regenerate your cells, and activate your inner peace

  2. Balance - restore the body’s biofield and stimulate your cells into balance and homeostasis 

  3. Energize - recharge, feel alive, awake, motivated, and pumped to tackle your day; activate the power within

  4. Synchronize - synchronize the heart; improve physical balance, mental clarity, and emotional synchronicity

  5. Transform - built for athletes, speed up muscle recovery, enhance performance, and elevate potential

Extra Frequency Cards

There are 7 additional frequency cards that you can purchase individually or as a set to use in your Cocoon. The programmed frequencies include:

  1. Food - slows oxidation process and extends shelf-life

  2. Concentration - improves memory and focus, enhances mental clarity, and clears up brain fog

  3. I-frequency - "internal" doctor, supports the bodies' natural regeneration processes

  4. P-frequency - alleviates "problems" such as aches, pains, discomfort, and mild sickness

  5. Relax & regeneration - brings the body into the parasympathetic state; clinically relaxes the body

  6. Sport & fitness - helps with injury repair, induces Nitrous Oxide production, and energizes

  7. Animal - calming for pets

cocoon cards.jpg

Complete Set - $450
$89 / each


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